July 26, 2017

Splat Goes Chun Li - AYCG Gamecast #354

This is the week of 2’s!  Jim and Corey tackle the Destiny 2 beta while Tony and Corey paint the town in Splatoon 2!  Get our impressions on two of the freshest shooting games on the market!  In other news, Uncharted Lost Legacy will feature the largest open world area in the series.  Capcom announces that Chun Li will get a makeover in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite due to fan feedback since E3.  Nintendo files a trademark for the N64 controller and points to an N64 Mini potentially coming out next year, while its Switch app releases with a large number of issues.  Finally, we all rejoice as Telltale announces Wolf Among Us Season Two!


#splatoon2 #destiny2 #uncharted #mvc #n64 #wolfamongus

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