This week we find out more about Cyberpunk 2077 as the demo will be going public at PAX West 2019 and it will have multiple endings. We also speculate about the prices of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Will either of them be able to go above 399 USD? NPD results for May 2019 come out and we discuss, and for our topic, we do a deeper dive of the games coming out in 2019. #cyberpunk #keanureaves #pax #npd #videogames #e3 #podcast

Not much news this week to discuss in our Moviecast. We instead spend a lot of time discussing our topic of the podcast. This week's topic is our hype levels for the movies for the remainder of the year. Find out which is our most hyped movie for the rest of 2019.
#podcast #movies #spidermanfarfromhome #marvel #billandted3 #ghostbusters3

We keep it short and sweet on this week's Moviecast. Speaking of short and sweet, Tom Holland's cinematic take on Nathan Drake gets a release date. Something that should have been shorter was Dark Phoenix, which is a certified bomb. Corey actually saw it, so listen to find out just how bad it was for him. Also Swamp Thing gets cancelled and X-Men The Animated Series could return?

#darkpheonix #uncharted #xmen #swampthing #podcast

It's our E3 2019 Gamecast! We talk about everything we saw from EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo from this weekend. What got us excited? What disappointed us? We also take a look at what is confirmed for this calendar year and rank our level of hype for each prospective release.

#E3 #E32019 #bethesda #EA #xbox #nintendo #squareenix

It's leak week for the upcoming E3 2019 show! A new Watchdog game was announced by Ubisoft, while some other rumors are rumbling for Microsoft and their new console. We talk about the Genesis mini and Shenmue 3 getting delayed, but the meat and potatoes this week are our predictions for E3 announcements! Tune in and see how right or wrong we are! #videogames #podcast #shenmue #e3 #sega

There's some suprising team-ups on this week's Moviecast. DC and Robert Pattinson are officially teaming up to bring us a younger Batman, and in a possible trilogy! Netflix is recruiting new people to their team by creating a Jurassic World animated series and by teaming up with the Russos for a Magic: The Gathering series? We also talk about Gozilla's box office and what else we've been watching. #godzilla #batman #robertpattinson #netflix #magicthegathering

This week we talk about Kojima teasing Death Stranding..again! More PS5 rumors abound while Anthem's official twitter account has been inactive for over a month. While Microsoft gears up for a big E3, we pose the question, is E3 relevant anymore? #podcast #videogames #e3 #anthem #kojima

It's a magic movie ride on this week's Moviecast. Will Smith's Aladdin releases to solid Memorial Day Weekend box office numbers, but was it any good? Speaking of blue monstrosities, Sonic's live action movie is officially delayed for his redesign. In other news, Taika Waititi's Akira gets a release date, and Harrison ford claims Indiana Jones will die with him. #aladdin #akira #sonicthehedgehog #indianajones

Jim's out this week and it's Tony's time to shine as host of the Gamecast! This week we talk about Sony's position for next-gen, while Epic pulls Borderlands 3 from their Game Store due to sales. The big news of the week is Sony and Microsoft are entering a bold new gaming partnership! #sony #borderlands3 #microsoft #npd #fromsoftware #videogames #podcast

It's all about beginnings and endings on this week's Moviecast. Game of Thrones is over, but what did we think of the finale? Meanwhile, will X-Men Dark Phoenix end the X-Men franchise with a whimper? Also a new actor is likely upon us as Batman, so listen to find out what we think of the Battinson. #gameofthrones #xmen #xmendarkphoenix #batman

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