Google officially tosses their hat into the gaming industry ring, announcing Google Stadia at the Game Developer's Conference! But Stadia is a streaming platform, not a piece of hardware. Hear us talk about our thoughts and feelings on everything we know so far. #google #stadia #podcast #videogames #podcast

There's a lot of confusion on this week's Moviecast. Ezra Miller is either out as Flash, or going to write his own movie? Transformers is getting a Bumblebee reboot but also a sequel? Was James Gunn ever really fired? If Suicide Squad is a reboot, then why does it star the same Harley Quinn? Is a Diablo Netflix movie actually going to happen? We attempt to answer all these questions, plus take a look at Captain Marvel's second week box office performance. #flash #suicidesquad #transformers #jamesgunn #diablo #netflix

This episode is our Spoilercast and review for Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson!  Find out what we thought of the movie as well as what we loved, liked, and didn't like it and what want to see from the character going forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  #podcast #captainmarvel #spoilercast #marvel #groose

It's a light news week as the industry prepares for GDC and PAX East, but we still have juicy stories for you, starting with Microsoft announcing the Halo Masterchief Collection coming to PC as well as Steam! Nintendo tosses their hat into the ring with Labo VR, the next Labo kit in their lineup! Tune in to find out what we think! #podcast #videogames #halo #labo

In this Marvelous March Moviecast, we start by taking a look at Captain Marvel's surprisingly strong debut at the box office. On the DC side of the moviescape, Shazam's early reactions are out, and Suicide Squad 2's rumor mill gains traction with stories about Will Smith's replacement and James Gunn's friends showing up. We also hit on some Ben Affleck and Netlfix news before discussing what else we've been watching. #captainmarvel #marvel #dc #shazam #willsmith #suicidesquad2

Microsoft has a juicy rumor of a new Xbox One S model coming out this spring that is digital only and won't have a disc drive! Persona 5 coming to Switch continues to heat up, while Respawn's Star Wars game will be revealed during the celebration week. Lastly, Nintendo announces some new Pokemon games! #xbox #persona #starwars #pokemon #videogames #podcast

We cover the gamut on this week's Moviecast. Aquman 2 is coming, but will it be too late? Agents of SHIELD is likely ending after season 7, but is that too late? Umbrella Academy kills it on Netlfix, beating out nearly everyhting else. We also make predictions for Captain Marvel's opening box office, and talk about what we've been watching. #captainmarvel #aquaman2 #agentsofshield #marvel

Anthem is in trouble already, releasing to poor reviews and sales, while NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime announces his retirement, yielding the company to Bowser himself! Our topic of the night is the top 5 FPS games EVER. Tune in to find out what they are! #anthem #nintendo #pokemon #videogames #podcast

We've got an action-packed Moviecast this week. 80s reboots dominate the news as we hear rumors of both Knight Rider and Gremlins getting new adaptations. In Marvel news, Kevin Feige promises that this time it really is all connected to the MCU in reagards to the upcoming Disney+ streaming service's new shows. Meanwhile, Detective Pikuchu's new trailer scares and excites us. We then jump into our topic: the best action movies of all time. It's a little cotroversial, so be sure to comment on our list with your own picks! #action #actionmovies #detectivepikachu #knightrider #gremlins #marvel #disney

One of Jim and Tony's favorite games was announced with a remake, Link's Awakening, coming out on Nintendo Switch this year! For our topic we get into if video games are too cheap and need a price increase or if they just need more microtransactions! #zelda #nintendo #anthem #apex #podcast #videogames

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