The scariest thing on the Gamecast this week is the reality that EA announced it was closing down Visceral and butchering the single player, narrative-driven Star Wars game they had been working on for years.  We talk about this, if EA is justified, what this means for AAA single player games in the future, and if this is related to Mass Effect Andromeda.  We also touch upon the subject of Naughty Dog’s sexual harassment scandal that broke over the weekend.


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It’s scary this week as we list our 13 favorite horror movies of all time, but first, things are getting spoiled all over the place on this week’s Moviecast. Black Panther has an extended trailer, but does it spoil too much? Meanwhile Mark Ruffalo spoils the first 15 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok. Finally, we talk about Game of Thrones’ unorthodox method of combatting spoilers. We also discuss how sexual harassment and assault has spoiled Hollywood.

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Our NYCC 2017 discussion continues into the Gamecast where we talk more about the showfloor and some of the games we played and saw.  In other news, we talk about a new listing by Blizzard that seems to indicate a new game in the Overwatch universe.  Slightly tangential to that is a discussion on Loot Crates, the good, the bad, and the ugly!  A lot of the big games coming out this season seem to have this system and give our thoughts and opinions on them.  Finally, Stardew Valley finally came out on Nintendo Switch so three of us talk about it.

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It’s all about NYCC on this week’s Moviecast. Star Wars The Last Jedi gets a new trailer, but does it spoil too much? Also, Batman: The Animated Series is finally getting a Blu Ray release. We also discuss who we met, who appeared, what we did, and what was tough at this year’s record-breaking New York Comic Con.

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It becomes the top grossing horror movie of all time as we move into October on this week’s Moviecast. Things continue to get scary in the news as we consider the possible future seasons of Stranger Things and dread the arrival of a live-action Sonic movie. Things are also still mysterious in the Justice League world with Joss Whedon claiming he finished Snyder’s vision. We also talk about Wolverine’s return to comics and Will Smith’s non-return to the next MIB.


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It’s another light news week but we have some juicy tidbits for you!  We talk about the Red Dead Redemption 2’s first trailer and it’s going to be a prequel.  Microsoft is working with the developers of Player Unknown Battlegrounds to try and extend the exclusivity for it on Xbox One, but is that a good thing?  We briefly talk about the SNES Classic fiasco with Amazon selling their stock via Treasure Trucks instead of fulfilling pre-orders first.  The Playstation CEO steps down and Assassin’s Creed game is going to have a “Discovery Mode” where it’s purely an educational / sightseeing mode without story, gameplay, or combat!  Lastly, we go into difficulty options in video games these days.  


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We’re gearing up for the fall movie and tv season on this week’s’ Moviecast. We muse on It, Kingsmen, and Spider-Man’s box office success while taking a look at Justice League’s early projections. On the TV side, we prepare for Negan’s Walking Dead F-bombs and take a knee on Star Trek Discovery’s CBS streaming service exclusivity. Also, is James Cameron really a Billion dollar director?

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September 27, 2017

Dequel - AYCG Gamecast #363


It’s a slow news week after we’re out of the game convention season!  The video game voice actor strike is finally coming to an end.  PUBG developers are contemplating on how to respond to Fortnite’s ‘Battle Royale’ mode coming to the game.  We go through what we’ve been up to and then go through the fall/winter 2017 video games coming out in just a couple of moments.  We talk about which games will come up on top and which ones won’t make the cut for the all-important holiday season.

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This week we talk about the first day of Tokyo Game Show with Sony’s announcements!  Also, Epic Games “accidentally” enabled cross network play for Fortnite between PS4 and Xbox One players over the weekend.  It’s a sad day for us older gamers since Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy.  Listen in on our rant about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s Collector’s Edition infinity stones being mere Easter eggs.  Nintendo stock is at its highest since 2008, and listen to a Tony shit on one of the Final Fantasy games on PS1.  Lastly, Corey and Jim go back and forth on Destiny 2 and whether there are changes, and if they are good or bad for players.  


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September 20, 2017

Trainfire - AYCG Moviecast #362


It dominates a resurgent box office this week, as we look ahead to news from DC and Marvel. Marvel’s girl power is in full force as Jessica Jones wraps filming and Brie Larson is spotted on set for Avengers 4. Meanwhile, DC’s mixed messages continue as they promise to embrace the trend of post-credit scenes for Justice League, while rumors swirl that the movie will have not one, but two Green Lanterns? We also talk a bit about what we’ve been watching and/or reading on a very comic booky Moviecast.

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