This week Take-Two Interactive is cracking down on one of the biggest streamers for the Borderlands franchise, while Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony agree to a new policy for loot boxes. An FCC filing points to the SNES controller coming to Switch which hints at SNES games coming to Nintendo Online. Finally, our topic tonight is: Do video games cause violence? #borderlands #nintendo #sony #microsoft #snes #videogames #podcast

We touch 'em all on this week's Moviecast. Remember the baseball field from Field of Dreams? It matters again. Meanwhile, Lion King passes a few more big names with its total box office haul. Also, Moviepass screws its customers, the disgraced GoT showrunners get a job with #Netflix, Fox fails Disney, and Todd Phillips' Joker tracks surprisingly well. #netflix #joker #lionking #moviepass #fieldofdreams #podcast 

Jim joins the Fire Emblem Three Houses discussion after his vacation, while Smash Bros Ultimate breaks Evo's Twitch viewership. Speaking of which, our topic this week is about Ninja BETRAYING Twitch and selling out to Microsoft for streaming exclusivity on the Mixer platform. #videogames #podcast #fireemblem #evo #ninja #twitch

We got a lot of super TV news on this week's Moviecast. Hobbs and Shaw leads the box office this weekend, but did it underperform? We also look at news on a new Marvel ABC show, lots of CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths news, and a surprising rumor involving Black Panther 2's villian. We then go into our topic: spoilers and how to avoid them. #marvel #hobbsandshaw #blackpanther2 #crisisoninfiniteearths #cw

This spoilercast is for Netflix's Stranger Things S3. Find out what we thought about the new season with the kids becoming teenagers and dealing with relationship drama while trying to solve a Russian mystery.  

#podcast #netflix #spoilercast #strangerthings

It's a Nintendo heavy week as the crew talks about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem Three Houses since they've been released, as well as the removal of the male main character's voice actor being replaced by Nintendo due to him being a scumbag. Nintendo is fixing Joy-cons for free after a class action law suit is filed though, so Corey is sending his in to get fixed. #videogames #podcast #nintendo #marvel #fireemblem

We hit quick on this week's Moviecast. First, Lion King continues Disney's box office dominance. We also report on news on Black Widow, Deadpool in the MCU, and what we've been watching including The Boys and Stranger Things 3. We also remember the late Rutger Hauer. #lionking #mcu #blackwidow #deadpool #rutgerhauer

It's all Marvel this week for movies and games. Spider-Man is the best selling superhero game of all time and we discuss Ultimate Alliance 3. We also discuss the best selling games for June with the NPD.

#npd #spiderman #marvel #ultimatealliance3 #videogames #podcast #stadia

It's Marvel madness at Comic Con! San Diego Comic Con is in the books, but before we get into Marvel's domination of the event, we check out interesting news on Netflix's Witcher, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Star Trek: Piccard. Then we delve into Marvel's major Phase 4 revelations: Eternals! Natalie Portman Thor! Disney Plus shows! Release dates! Teases! There's a lot to digest, and even more to speculate on. Luckily we do all that and more.

#sdcc2019 #comiccon #marvel #thorloveandthunder #blackwidow #blade #disneyplus

Nintendo unveils the Switch Lite, their portable-only revision of the Nintendo Switch, coming out in September for 199 USD. We go over the specs and our reactions to the latest hardware. In other news, GameStop listens to our podcast because after last week they announced stores getting remodeled. Gearbox confirms crossplay for Borderlands 3 and we take a look back at our hype meter from last year and see how the games panned out! #nintendo #switchlite #gamestop #gearbox #videogames #podcast

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