April 19, 2018

Pokemon Battle Royale - AYCG Gamecast #391

You get a Battle Royale mode, they get a Battle Royale Mode, EVERYBODY GETS A BATTLE ROYALE MODE! That's the topic of this week's Gamecast as we go over new rumors surfacing around this year's Call of Duty and Battlefield getting Battle Royale modes. In other news, we talk about Bethesda's new space RPG Starfield will release this fall, Ubisoft is teasing Watch Dogs 3, and Sega is releasing a Shenmue 1+2 bundle on Xbox, Playstation, and PC, as well as a Sega Genesis Mini and classic games on Nintendo Switch.

#cod #callofduty #battlefield #pubg #fortnite #battleroyale #shenmue #sega 

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