July 19, 2017

Ice Cream > Cake - AYCG Gamecast #353

SDCC is upon us and the first gaming related news is that Telltale is announcing...something, but apparently not a second season of The Wolf Among Us.  Respawn Entertainment gets a lot of kudos for continuing to support Titanfall 2 with a brand new 4-player co-op mode!  EVO2K17 brought us some new fighting game announcements with Arc System Works announcing Blaz Blue Cross Tag Battle and Capcom revealing Jedah of Darkstalkers fame for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.  D23 had us learn that Toy Story is a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 and events that take place in game are CANON to the actual Toy Story universe.  Lastly, Corey and Tony talk about the Splatoon 2 Splatfest, cake vs ice cream!


#sdcc #telltale #evo #titanfall2 #asw #mvc #kh3 #splatoon2

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