October 25, 2017

GAF Gone Wild - AYCG Gamecast #367

Spooky October continues with the death of NeoGAF as we know it.  Owner and operator Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka is accused of sexual assault and sets off a backlash that lead to the site being down for the weekend and a mass exodus afterwards.  In Nintendo news, Switch 4.0 firmware is released and introduces video recording, system transfer, and the Gamecube USB adapter being officially supported.  Atlus throws more support to Switch with Shin Megami Tensei 5 being exclusive to the system.  Lastly, we say congratulations to Bungie with Destiny 2 breaking the sales records thus far to become the best selling title this year.

#neogaf #nintendoswitch #destiny2 #pubg

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