July 12, 2017

Delay vs No Delay - AYCG Gamecast #352

DLC Fists of Fury are flying this week!  A new ARMS character plus mode is coming out with a new patch while DOOMFIST hits the Overwatch PTR and he promises to shake up the meta!  Meanwhile, Switch is set to get their network app on July 21st to coincide with Splatoon 2.  Next, we learn Shadow of Mordor followers and foes can be brought into Shadow of War.  Is Platinum teasing potential Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 coming to Switch?  We go over recent gaming charity events like Summer Games Done Quick and GuardianCon, and lastly we play Delay or No Delay for the rest of 2017.


#arms #doomfist #overwatch #nintendoswitch #sgdq #guardiancon

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