May 17, 2017

Ahead of Its Time - AYCG Gamecast #344

A week without Jim continues into the Gamecast!  We kick it off with a discussion of 343 teasing something Halo related at e3, and Microsoft tries to earn some goodwill with gamers by giving away Phantom Dust Remastered for free!  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 gets announced for a holiday 2017 release and Corey tries to guess the characters on the key image artwork!  A new Harvest Moon game got announced, while Sega claims to be reviving some old IPs, not to mention create-a-character coming to Sonic Forces!  Lastly, we mention a bit on Destiny 2 and ARMS in depth looks and a new rumor from Kotaku on Mass Effect being on hiatus.  

#halo #phantomdust #marvel #harvestmoon #sonic #destiny2 #masseffect

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